In a show of force and to rally his fellow mutants, Magneto used his control of magnetism to literally steal multiple buildings (including the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, and Grand Central Station) from Manhattan and to create his mutant safe haven, Fortress X.[1] Now Magneto maintains his stronghold and invites mutants to join him in the last stand of mutantkind.

New Mutants Vol 3 22 page 05 Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station is the fortress' main security hub.

Points of Interest

  • X-Brig: In the X-Brig are imprisoned the mutants considered to be dangerous for their kind, and are guarded by Danger. Actually, the prisoners are people who could discover the falseness of this universe.
  • Rat Run: Logan's bar: After each battle, the Mutant Resistance (Earth-11326) come to chill out, and are served by Logan, who is now unable to battle with his kind after having been almost depowered.
  • Madison Jeffries's space observatory: There, Madison can perform astronomic observations, and this activity help him to keep his mind human.


Current Residents

Fortress X (Earth-TRN016) 002

Legacy walks with others to Fortress X


Former Residents


From the thousandth day of Resistance to the revelation of the falseness of the Age of X, the only inhabitants of the Fortress X and members of the Mutant Resistance are the counterparts of Earth-616 Utopia, the corporalized personalities of Legion and the mental manifestation of Rachel Summers (Earth-811).

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