Forty-Third Troll War
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Forty-Third Troll War
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Presumably Svartalfheim
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Loki Laufeyson (instigator)

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The Forty-Third Troll War was a war instigated by Loki Laufeyson,[1] and waged by Dark Elves of Svartalfheim led by their king Kraw the Uncontrollable against the Trolls (at least the Rock Trolls).[2]

This war was extremely costly in live, including thirteen brothers of a family of the Black Bile clan.[2]

After Lady Mazerot of the Black Bile clan, wife of one of those thirteen brothers, was informed of the death of twelve of her sons during the war, she sold to the Undertakers Elves of the Southern Swamps her last son Malekith on the nineteenth years of the war, in exchange for food to her hounds of the Wild Hunt, for him to become a corpse burner instead of a soldier.[2]

Malekith grew grim in doing his labor, even burning wounded soldiers (including a legless Snake Thrower from the Royal Thorn Troopers), for a total of 3,000 corpses.[2]

Malekith was eventually captured by Trolls while burning corpses, and met a wizard. After Malekith helped him to eat and find enough strength to use magic and slaughter the Trolls.[2]

The war against the Trolls eventually gave way to war against the Light Elves, then to border skirmishes against the Dwarves and terrorism against the Gods.[2]

This experience caused Malekith to become the monster he would be known as. When his magical training was over, the wizard asked him help to stop war, to which Malekith replied by stabbing him, feeling that war defined him. Before dying, the wizard marked Malekith, with half of his face black. Malekith then returned to his mother, took control of the Wild Hunt and had them eat her.[2]

Alternate Realities

That war happened on Earth-14412, where it was recorded into the Tales of the Dark Elves book.[2]


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