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Reptil showing his fossil


Fearing the eventual judgments of the gods and knowing her world would need to be saved, the Hag of the Pits on Dinosaur World created the jewel to empower the Chosen One with the strength of the animals he would have to one day protect.[1][2][3][4] Her relative and eventual enemy, Megalith, wished to possess the artifact and use it to control the ancient primeval world as it had always been anathema to him while it welcomed his grandmother. But he was repelled while the sorceress deposited it into a firepit for safe keeping, but the transition between worlds caused the amulet to split into two; thus halving its true powers between them.[5]


Somehow the fossil was discovered by the Lopez's and fell into the hands of Humberto Lopez catalyzing his ability to transform into prehistoric animals.[6]

The fossil embedded in Reptil's chest

Originally, Reptil wore the amulet around his neck, but the fossil eventually embedded itself into his chest.[1]

Believing it to be the center of his power, Jeremy Briggs forcibly removed the jewel from Reptil's chest in an effort to de-power him.[7]

Coat of Arms claimed to have tapped into the power of the fossil and White Tiger's Amulets of Power, but Reptil and White Tiger were able to gain them back by embracing their true potential and learning about the origins of the artifacts in a vision.[4]

It appears the fossil is once again embedded within Reptil's chest.[8]


The jewel that fused itself to Humberto was originally a singular relic that contained all the unique metaphysical powers of the Cretaceous Plane she called home.[5]

The relic had been endowed with the power to command both flora and fauna of the ancient realm in all of its forms, allowing its user to command the forces of nature in its every aspect.[9] From controlling animal life to alternating environmental norms through said amulet, it's powers were split when the Hag sent it to Earth rendering with only a fraction of the full gemstones power as a result.

One half giving a wielder the ability to become ancient thunder lizard manifests while retaining undermined proportions dependent upon the wielders own physiological anatomy. While the other gives power over the Earth and the adjacent elements related to it; i.e. soil, ground, plant life, minerals, etc.[5]

Alternate Reality Versions

Image Description Source
Fossilized Amulet (Earth-91119).jpg On Earth-91119, Reptil discovered the Fossilized Amulet while digging in his own backyard. Originally, it was believed that amulet was an irradiated fossil.[10] However, it was later revealed that Reptil's jewel was a fossilized fractal of the Infinity Sword. Although his amulet was reunited with the Infinity Sword, Reptil had absorbed enough of the amulet's energy to continue to transform though into full sized dinosaurs instead of merely taking on aspects of dinosaurs. Super Hero Squad Show Season 1 26


  • Both Tigra[6] and Hank Pym[1] have theorized that Reptil's fossil is merely a catalyst for his powers and not the source, but there is no evidence to support this claim.


  • Reptil has mentioned that the fossil will not grant others the ability to transform into dinosaurs, and that he cannot transform without it.[6]
    • One exception appears to be Coat of Arms, who was briefly able to utilize the amulet's power.[4]

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