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On Battleworld, God Emperor Doom is worshiped as a deity and accompanying this religion, the right hand to Doom is the Law, while its left hand is the Foundation, focused on discovery and science.

The Foundation recently discovered an unidentified object, secretly a life raft, within Utopolis and reported this to Sheriff Strange, who then conducted an investigation with the Thor Corps.[1]

After Strange was killed for betraying him, Doom tasked Valeria to use the resources of the Foundation to find the interlopers who had been scattered across the world, denying to provide any more information than that.[2]

The Foundation immediately began to investigate the cause of Strange's death. While doing so, they found the source of Doom's power, and informed Valeria, who had become suspicious of her father, which led to Valeria discovering a secret chamber beneath Castle Doom with the help of two Spider-Men, Peter and Miles.[3]

The Foundation were presumably decimated when Molecule Man transferred the power of the Beyonders to Mister Fantastic, destroying Battleworld in the process.[4]



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