When he was a child his father was a self made man, who owned coal mines all over Kentucky. Then one year when the workers went on strike his father tried to use force to break up the Union and the Union responses was to send Wolverine. His father agreed to negotiate but was furious and attacked the Union leader, killing her. Wolverine then killed his father and told the then 10 year old boy to forget about him. The next few years the Founder didn't forget, he lost his family fortune, and was forced to work 12 hour days in the mines his father used to own. When he was old enough he made his own fortune and bought the mines his father used to own, and burned them down. He then tried to track down his father's killer, but it wasn't till years later that he was able to confront Logan. He shot him several times but Logan's healing factor made it possible for Logan to heal and beat the founder up. Over the year the Founder tried to kill him but always failed, that when he learned he couldn't do it alone and started the Red right Hand. The Red Right Hand is an organization created by people who lives have been tragically affected by Wolverine in some way or another. The Founder recruits the members due to the personal vendetta against Wolverine

The Organization decided the worst punishment for the seemingly un-killable Wolverine was to send his soul to Hell. The Husband was approached by a demon that he made a deal with in exchange for letting the demon possess Wolverine body. The creature became Hellverine and decided to track down each of Wolverine’s friends and family to kill them one by one. The Red Right Hand lured Wolverine to their base in Mexico pitting him one by one against the members of The Mongrels. Wolverine soon bests them in combat and kills them all individually. It was after the battle that Wolverine finds out that the Mongrels were all his children, which devastates him.

The team's final revenge against Wolverine was to deny him his revenge against them. Each member committed suicide, leaving Wolverine nothing to do but mourn his children.

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