When Thor teleported himself in the City in order to avenge Asgard after a S.H.I.E.L.D. failed attack, he found it empty. As he wandered the City, Thor entered a baby-plantation where the first Children of the City grew.[1]

The Fourth Nurse quickly showed up, and asked Thor to not harm the growing babies and to leave. She tipped him on the location of heroes captured during the fall of Europe[2], leading Thor to save Captain Britain and confront the Maker, discovering therefore his identity.

Later, when Tony Stark was (falsely) offered to Reed Richards as a present for a peaceful coexistence between the United States of America and the Children of Tomorrow, the Fourth Nurse examined him, realizing 4591 different scans to prevent from any menace, and detected seventeen anomalies, including Tony's brain tumor, Anthony, without noticing his psychic characteristic.[3]

When the City allied himself with Anthony, she came back to protect her nursery, and stay silent and shocked in front of the accusations against the Maker.


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