The outlaw known as the Fox was active during the days of the American Frontier. He earned a reputation for being a cutthroat killer. His career abruptly ended the day he decided to try and eliminate the masked western hero known as the Black Rider. The Fox sent his men to attack a stage coach as it approached the town of Leadville, Texas in the hopes of luring the Black Rider out of town and into an ambush. While the Black Rider was out of town, the Fox took over and took Marie Lathrop, a local rancher's daughter, hostage in case the Black Rider survived the ambush.

The Black Rider indeed survived and learned of the Fox's plot from his men and sneaked back into town in his civilian guise of cowardly doctor Matthew Masters. The Rider then changed back into his costume, easily besting the Fox's men. When the Fox attempted to draw on the hero, he died under the bark of the Rider's six guns.[1]


The Fox rode a horse.


The Fox carried six-shooters.

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