Shriek was defeated by the Web-Warriors before she was recruited by Doc Ock to be part of his new Sinister Six.[1]

Shriek was robbing a bank when Spider-Man was bringing a cake for Aunt May's birthday party. Spider-Man had to be careful not to have the cake ruined while fighting Shriek. Spider-Man managed to defeat Shriek by knocking her into a hot dog cart. Though there was a mix-up where Spider-Man accidentally grabbed the bag containing the stolen money instead of the bag containing the cake.[2]


When the Carnage Bomb detonated in New York City, Shriek was one of the many people to be taken over by the Symbiote. She (under the control Carnage) would be in charge of protecting the central Carnage "hive", which led to her facing Captain America, whihad stayed uninfected by the Symbiote. Shriek later attempted to stop Spider-Man from entering the hive, but he quickly knocked her unconscious, causing her Symbiote to leave her for a new host. What happened to her after the destruction of the Carnage hive is unknown.[2].


Sonic Beam: Shriek is capable of creating powerful sonic blasts, which she uses to commit crimes and cause destruction.

Strength level

Shriek appears to have some level of above average strength, as she was able to temporarily stun Spider-Man with her blows.


Formerly Carnage Symbiote.

Voiced by Ashley Eckstein.

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