When Carnage broke out of the Ravencroft Institute, Shriek was there to cheer him on. Kasady liked her style and took her with him. They soon adopted a feral Spider-Man Doppelganger.

Shriek and the Doppelganger battled Spider-Man on a rooftop before she knocked him off to the alleys below. They later caught up with Spider-Man in the Holy Ghost Church where Shriek apparently killed Dagger.

Shriek and the Carnage kids tore up a New York City night club until Spider-Man, Venom, and their allies drove them off.

After another rooftop brawl, Shriek and the gang fought the heroes in Central Park, and Venom was captured.

One more rooftop brawl later, Shriek and the Carnage gang battled all the heroes on the streets of New York, and were finally defeated.[1]


Seemingly those of Shriek of Earth-616.

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