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At the St. Estes Reform School in 1996, a teenaged Cletus Kasady crafted a makeshift wedding ring out of a strip of fabric. As the lights were shut off for the night, Frances Barrison - a fellow inmate - asked if he's still awake. Feeding the makeshift ring through a broken pipe into her cell, Cletus asked Frances what her prognosis was. Frances fearfully stated that her mutation was growing too powerful to control. As Cletus tried to reassure her, Frances slipped the cloth ring onto her left hand and told him that that she was going to be taken away to a place where there were others like her. As Cletus reacted with fury at the thought of the one good thing in his life being taken, guards roughly grabbed Frances and dragged her away as she declared her love for him. As Frances was dragged into the courtyard and shoved into the back of a police van, Cletus pounded on the window of his cell in rage and despair.

As the van drove down the street, Franced flashes a bloodthirsty smile at the police officer sitting across from her - Patrick Mulligan - and asked if he had any last words. Before he could respond, Frances unleashed a sonic scream that deafened him in one ear and caused the van to crash. As Frances tried to grab his gun, Mulligan shot her in the face, blinding her in her left eye. Frances awakened with her face swathed in bandages, finding herself in a reinforced cell tailor-made to hold her. Inside a nearby control room, a warden greeted her and welcomed her to her new home, the Ravencroft Institute.


In the present day, the warden walked down the hall of the asylum to Frances' cell, stopping at a blast door and watching as the guards donned communication earbuds and noise-cancelling headphones. As one of the guards tried to slide a tray of food into her cell, Frances - now sporting a glass eye - snapped her teeth at him and caused him to recoil in terror. Ignoring her food, Frances grabbed a newspaper off the tray and hurriedly opened it to an article written by Eddie Brock, who has been interviewing Cletus - now a notorious serial killer. As Frances saw that Cletus could be given the death penalty, the warden sneered that her old boyfriend was getting what he deserves. Turning aside so the warden couldn't see how distraught she was, Frances fiddles with the cloth ring - which she was still wearing. Later, Frances read that her lover was going to be executed and let out a sonic scream of rage and despair.

The warden informed Frances of Cletus' escape, not noticing Cletus use the crimson symbiote to infiltrate Frances' cell. As the crimson symbiote lynched the warden, Cletus had a heartfelt reunion with his long-lost lover. Asking her not to freak out, Cletus introduced the red symbiote as Carnage, the symbiote wrapping tendrils around Frances' soundproofed cell and crushing it. Carnage carries Franced out of the prison, landing in Cletus' stolen car and retracting into his body as Frances expressed delight at her lover's choice of vehicle. As police reinforcements arrived, Frances attempted to escape but was cornered. Carnage suspended the stolen car into the air and transformed Cletus, ripping several police cruisers apart with its tendrils and arm-blades, to Frances' delight. As a police helicopter arrived and opens fire on Carnage, Frances unleashed her sonic scream - which injured the red symbiote. Retracting into Cletus' body, Carnage's mental voice snarled that it would eat Frances if she did that again, and Cletus explained that the symbiote was weak to sound. A second police helicopter arrived, but Carnage impalesd it, causing it to crash and explode behind the stolen car.

Cletus and Frances gleefully danced amidst the burning ruins of St. Estes, and on a nearby hilltop planned out their wedding with Carnage's input. Each decided to invite a "guest" they desired revenge against, Frances choosing Detective Mulligan, Cletus choosing Eddie Brock, and Carnage choosing Venom before declaring it will be a red wedding. Frances rummages through Eddie's apartment and foundthe ring he'd been planning to give to Anne Weying. Taking it for herself, Frances wondered who it was meant for and found a photo of Anne, deciding to use her as bait to lure Eddie and Venom. Going to Anne's townhouse, Frances incapacitatesd Dr. Lewis, stuffed him in the trunk of his own car, and broke in to abduct Anne. Knocking Anne out, Frances gave Dr. Lewis a letter from Cletus saying he'll trade Anne's life for Eddie's. Dr. Lewis warned her that Venom would kill both of them, but Frances scoffed that better people than Eddie have tried and failed.

Inside Grace Cathedral, which was undergoing renovations, Frances changed into a black wedding dress while Cletus waited alongside a priest who was taken hostage. Reciting the poem he'd composed for her, Cletus told Frances that he got her a wedding present. As the priest began to recite the vows, Venom barged in and demands to know where Anne was. As Eddie transformed into Venom, Cletus transformed into Carnage; but as the two symbiotes lunged at each other Frances cut loose with her sonic scream, blasting Venom but accidentally clipping Carnage. Furious, Carnage backhanded her to the ground, Cletus attempting to run to her only to be pulled back inside the red symbiote. Frances crawled over to Detective Mulligan, who was increduous to see her alive, but before she could exact her revenge Carnage grabbed her and told her not to use her sonic powers. As Cletus' mental voice protested that Frances knew what she's doing, Frances stood up for herself. Taking advange of the distraction, Mulligan crawled into one of the construction elevators and activated it.

Arriving at the scaffolding on the outside of the cathedral, Mulligan attempeds to radio for backup but was stabbed in the shoulder with a paint shovel by Frances, who pinned him to the scaffolding and declared her intent to gouge out his eye as revenge for him blinding her. Wrapping a chain around Mulligan's neck, Frances gleefully kicked him off the scaffolding in an attempt to lynch him. As Carnage ripped through the cathedral roof, Frances protested that killing Anne was going too far and told Cletus to stop Carnage. Carnage responded by grabbing her with tendrils and trying to throttle her, Cletus struggling to break free and protect his wife. As Venom collapsed to the scaffolding next to Frances, Carnage declared one of them must die and prepared to devour its progenitor and Eddie. As Frances regained consciousness, Venom knocked her into the belltower. As she fell, Frances unleashed a sonic scream that caused the cathedral to partially collapse and separated Eddie and Cletus from their symbiotes. Frances managed to break her fall but was crushed by the falling bell.[1]

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