Frances Delon worked in a law firm in Montreal. When Peter Parker visited from New York City to investigate a communication to his Aunt May sent by lawyer Jean-Pierre Rimbaud, Delon offered to help Parker find the information he was looking for and proposed a dinner date. When Parker returned later in the day, Delon had discovered that Rimbaud had kept all of the files with him. Parker and Delon caught a cab to Notre Dame Island to meet with Rimbaud (who was meeting other clients there). En route, their cab collided with Hulk; Delon was knocked unconscious. When she and the cab driver awoke, Parker was nowhere to be found and Delon feared the Hulk had killed him. Thankfully, Parker appeared and they met up with Rimbaud who was almost immediately gunned down. Escorting Parker to the airport for his Flight home Delon tried to assure him that Rimbaud had many enemies and that Parker was not to blame for his death.[1]

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