Mad genius Frances Dork sought to rule the world. As part of this plan, he invented a protoplasmic creature and other scientific oddities as well as amassing an army. Unleashing his flesh eating protoplasmic creature, the city went into a panic while his men (armed in suits that made them immune to his creature) looted and pillaged, taking care to kidnap a young woman for Dork's experiments. The chaos attracted the attention of the costumed hero Fiery Mask who fought off the army and, upon finding that he was immune to the protoplasmic creature due to his body-heat, followed them back to their leader's base.

Fiery Mask came to the aid of the girl and had to face a giant creature that Dork had created. Before Dork could experiment on the girl, Fiery Mask came to her rescue. Trying to shoot the hero, Dork accidentally hit a nearby window, allowing his protoplasmic creature to seep into his lab. Frances Dork met an ironic and poetic end: he was consumed by his own creature. After his death, Fiery Mask destroyed the protoplasm, ending its threat as well.[1]


Dork was a brilliant scientist who invented a giant protoplasmic creature as well as a gigantic ape-like monster. He also designed suits that rendered the wearer immune to the flesh eating properties of his protoplasmic creature.


Frances carried a pistol.

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