The daughter of Quentin Beck, the original Mysterio, Francie Beck sought justice for her father after his apparent death, when he became trapped within his magically-empowered spherical helmet during a confrontation against Spider-Man. To this end, Francie disguised herself as a little girl and deceived Spider-Man into letting her enter the Sanctum Sanctorum, from where she retrieved her father's helmet.

After putting the helmet on, Francie discovered Quentin had remained imprisoned inside it all this time due to a spell of its creator, the dreaded Dormammu. With the help of Spider-Man and Moon Knight, they both were able to escape the helmet's illusion and be a family again.[1]

Francie later joined S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy alongside Alex O'Hirn, Adrian Toomes and Spider-Woman. [2]


Seemingly those of the Quentin Beck of the Prime Marvel Universe.


Mysterio Suit

  • Francie's name is most likely a reference to Francis Klum, the third carrier of the mantle of Mysterio in the Marvel Universe.
  • This would be the first iteration of Mysterio's daughter. A year later would introduce Misty Beck to the Main Continuity as a version of his daughter, however Misty was only a gynoid built by Mysterio and programmed to believe she was his daughter.

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