Dr. Francis Ecklestein was a scientist who according to Kamala Kang was the father of modern physics. She was studying about him for school when Kamala's father Yusuf told her that he attended one of Dr. Ecklestein's lectures when he was younger.

Later Kamala decided that it was a waste of time studying when she could meet the Doctor in person. So she used her time traveling abilities to go back to the early twentieth century to talk to him. But this ended up backfiring on her as the Doctor was hit by a moving truck that killed him.

So she decided to go back in time mere minutes before she originally got there to make sure he stayed alive. As she pulled the Doctor out of the way, the truck ended up hitting someone else, a past version of her father was killed instead. She decided to go back to prevent her father's tragedy but was stopped by divergent versions of herself who said Albert Einstein was actually the father of modern physics and not Eclkestein.[1]

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