Francis Foley was a student at John Hathorne High School in Salem, Massachusetts, a town split between magic-using families referred to as "Wicks" and those without magical abilities, called "Blanks". Foley was a "Far-Seer", a wick with precognitive powers.[1]

Foreseeing a great disaster coming to Salem, Foley set out to summon the "Fulcrum", believed to be a kind of magical savior. Many of his friends and classmates remained skeptical of Foley's predictions, especially after the summoning spell caused his spell partner David Knox to be killed when his powers backfired on him and when the "fulcrum" arrived in the form of a new student Kim Vesco, who appeared to be no more than an unaware "blank".[1]

Foley continued to insist that his prediction was right, attempting to get his friends LB Harrington and Mink and their rival coven Mason Kaleema, Ren Lowell, and Paul Aristides to unite behind Vesco. It was only after Vesco discovered her own necromancy powers and their classmate Chad Barrow was revealed to be the Thief, a prophesied parasitic magical mutation, did the group band together to oppose Barrow.[3]


  • Precognition: Foley had visions of the future.
  • Clairvoyance: Foley was able to magically see distant things.
  • Telepathy: Foley could see thoughts and memories within the minds of others, primarily as images.


Foley was very shy, socially awkward and had an unspecified condition that made it difficult to talk to people, resulting into halting speech that was worsened with eye contact.

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