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Sgt.Tork first appeared as an undercover New York City police officer who assisted the the Falcon and later Captain America on several adventures in the city. Tork took down several gang members and assisted in rescuing President Reagan from a gang of kidnappers.[1]

He once questioned Stan Carter after Carter was arrested in the street for waving around a sawed-off shotgun.[2] Carter protested that it was for protection. When Carter's self appointed personal manager walked in, Tork commented on why Carter would hire such a moron.

Soon after Electro took control of New York's Main Power Station. Outside the station were Tork and other police officers. Tork was grateful that Electro had freed the employees and asked him to come out with his hands up before anyone was hurt. Electro responded by sending an electric bolt towards the police. Spider-Man showed up to fight Electro while Tork was kept busy with Stan Carter who had also shown up and taken a child hostage. When Carter freed the child hostage he aimed his shotgun at the police who promptly fired and mortally wounded Carter. Stan Carter said he was free of the Sin-Eater and Tork commented that his gun was never loaded.[3]






Modified Shotgun


  • Tork is an capable, although eccentric, law man. On most occasions, he prefers to carry a modified shotgun.

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