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Lucky Lobo was a New York mobster. When the Green Goblin made a bid to take over his syndicate, he refused, but he was set up by the Goblin who leaked his financial records to the public via Frederick Foswell, a Daily Bugle reporter with former mob ties. He and his whole gang were arrested by the police.[2]

Francisco Lobo (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 23 001

While in prison, Lobo witnessed David Lowell using energy blasts to fend off two criminals who tried to shake him down. Lobo was impressed, and defended Lowell to the guards Lobo attempted to befriend Lowell, who pretty much ignored him.[3]

After getting out of prison, Lowell was tracked down by Lobo, who tried to convince him to come work for him. When Lowell resisted, Lobo made it clear that they would hurt Mary Kelleher, an old friend of Lowell's, if Lowell did not comply. Spider-Man had followed Lowell and tried to prevent him from getting involved with Lobo. Lowell initially went after Spider-Man, but the web-slinger was able to convince him to listen to his plan. The two continued a fake fight, that took out the gunmen Lobo had trained on Mary. Sundown then brought the seemingly unconscious Spider-Man in front of Lobo, where they turned the tables on him and forced him to promise to stay away from Mary. They then ran Lobo right into the waiting arms of the cops, who arrested him for extortion and illegal handgun possession.[3]

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