Franco Fibbri was a famous football player who retired and spent all his money on a dangerous project to imbue himself with a previously undiscovered alien substance which transformed him into the golden compound being named Sliver.[1]

He was then made a member of the newly revamped team Euroforce led by the Black Knight. During a mission to Italy, Sliver and his teammates came into contact with some members of the Avengers which included two of the Black Knights comrades, Hawkeye and Spider-Woman. Sliver healed Hawkeye's wound by excreting the compound that makes up his body. But they were soon attacked by the sorceress Morgan le Fay and her army of the dead.[2]

Some time later, Black Knight left to Weirdworld and Key returned to the team and was appointed new leader.[3]


  • Shape Shifting
  • Healing

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