Francois Le Blanc (Earth-616)

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Frog-Man was one of the first Ani-Men, hand picked by the Organizer. The Ani-Men were sent against Daredevil by the Organizer, after he had crossed the Organizer's plans on several occasions. After implicating Daredevil in a bank robbery, the Ani-Men were next sent to kidnap Debbie Harris[1]. He was defeated by the Daredevil, who stole his costume and impersonated him to infiltrate the Organizer's headquarters[2].

When the Ape Man, Cat Man and Bird Man renamed themselves the Unholy Three, Frog Man left the group but returned when, as the Ani-Men again, they were employed by Count Nefaria. Given genuine super powers which replicated his earlier power suit but gave him a frog like appearance, Frog Man was with the Ani-Men when they fought the X-Men and were defeated[3]. Later, still in Nefaria's service, he and the other Ani-Men fought Iron Man but were apparently killed when the assassin Spymaster blew up the building they were in.

Powers and Abilities


Wields the physical attributes of a frog; like superhuman agility and strength in his legs to leap long distances.

Physical Strength

Normal human male with regular exercise.



Conventional vehicles.

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