Quote1 that moment, Frank Carple ceased to exist, and the Punfisher was spawned! Scourge of crime. Enemy of evil. Every mother's nightmare. Some origin, eh, Spidey? Spider-Ham??? Sleep through my origin, will ya?? Quote2
-- Punfisher src
Punfisher Marvel Tales 2 214

Punfisher fighting in Viet Ham.

Frank Carple was a U.S. marine who spent three tours of duty in Viet Ham where he learned to use anything as a weapon. After the war, he settled in New York City and married his wife, Sealia. After Sealia refused to buy Girl Scout cookies from a gangster's daughter, the mob came back and stuffed her full of hundreds of oatmeal cream pies. Frank Carple swore vengeance as the Punfisher.

In one of his early outings, the Punfisher teamed up with Spider-Ham to defeat Doctor Octopussycat's scheme of monopolizing all of New York City's plumbing services. After Doctor Octopussycat was captured, the Punfisher opened fire on a jaywalker.

Punfisher Marvel Tales 2 215

Punfisher shooting at a jaywalker.

He was among Spider-Ham's rogues that were transported to the Prime Marvel Universe by Ringmaster, used as his puppet on Earth-28204, and then scattered across the Multiverse for individual capture by Spider-Guin.[1]




machine gun, lobster gun, bazooka, rifle, crossbow, ginsu kife, feather duster, harpoon gun, electric eel slingshot

Frank Carple, the Punfisher, is a parody of Frank Castle (Earth-616), the Punisher.

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