Quote1 Like I told the girl. This was never about saving anyone. For me, forever, it's only ever about punishment. Quote2
-- The Punisher src

Frank lived virtually the same life as he did on Earth-616, until one fateful day he interrupted a group of Red Mafia goons selling weapons at a dockside warehouse.

The tip Frank got said the weapon was small and portable, which he assumed was a suitcase nuke. Frank gunned all of the criminals down, careful not to shoot the suitcase. As it turns out, it wasn't a nuke or even a bioweapon, and the Red Mafia goons were selling vacuum-packed metal vials filled with a dangerous pathogen. Frank got splashed with a heavy dose of the pathogen, and Hank McCoy deduced the super-dose gave him immunity from the disease.

The pathogen spread throughout the Earth and had no symptoms for seven months, until various savage attacks popped up across the country, all starting with Spider-Man biting into Rhino in New York. After almost everyone was infected, Frank fought along Wolverine and Captain America in the last wave of uninfected heroes.[citation needed]

Four years later, the city and probably the world was devastated, Frank being the only hero left hunting the former heroes in NYC. Frank killed Deadpool for the thirty-third time and decided to bury him in pieces across the city. Punisher decided to go hunt for Patient Zero and found a dead uninfected human left by Zero. Later, he killed Hulk by shooting an arrow in his eye with one of Wolverine's claws.[citation needed]

Frank went into a church, killed Venom, and rescued a priest and a kid and took them to his hideout. Deadpool later arrived, and after crucifying him onto a board, Patient Zero (revealed to be Spider-Man) arrived, making Frank an offer to kill the King of Death and return his mate to him in exchange for more survivors, to which Punisher reluctantly agreed to do. On the way, he's joined by Deadpool, Black Widow and Scorpion. After arriving and killing cannibals guarding the survivors, the group was attacked by cannibals sent by the King of Death, in which Scorpion was killed by Sandman. After grabbing a very pregnant Mary Jane Watson from the herd of survivors, Punisher is attacked and captured by the King of Death, revealed to be Kingpin.[citation needed]

Frank is tortured so that he would reveal where Spider-Man is, but he refused. The priest and child decided to go to Frank's rescue, but are captured by Multiple Man. Deadpool escaped imprisonment and rescued Frank, who killed all the cannibals present.[citation needed]

After reuniting Spider-Man and Mary Jane, Frank killed Spider-Man and sent off all the other survivors, remaining in New York to finish the job.[citation needed]


  • Immunity: Due to the super-dose from Survivor 118, he became immune to the pathogen.


Seemingly those of the Frank Castle of Earth-616.


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