Frank Castle's family was killed by The Six Fingered Hand request of the Watchers. In response, he donned the identity of the Punisher and began to track down the members of the Hand. Brood Queen was the first one he tracked down and while Punisher distracted the Queen, Chip gained intel of where to find the next member and planted a blackout bomb. After teleporting out and flying away, they activated the bomb which killed the Queen and her Brood.

He next went to see Barracuda about information on the members and location of The Six Fingered Hand. He was tortured and eventually showed the Punisher a disk with the identity of the 6 members. However, three merceneries, Sabretooth, Deadpool and The Leader hired to kill both of them arrived. These were stopped by the arrival of the Hulk who burst through the roof, landing on top of the Leader breaking his back. After Sabretooth and Deadpool's death, the Punisher teleported the Leader back to his ship to extract the information about who hired them. After gaining the information on the second member Doctor Octopus, he had Chip throw the Leader out the air-lock, killing him.

The Punisher eventually tracked down Doctor Octopus and in order to get him to talk he tied Doc Ock to the front of his space ship and flew through space. After his inhibitor chip was destroyed he was questioned for there location and revealed the remaining 4 were meeting on Skullworld. The Punisher then killed him by shooting him in the head.

He travelled to Skullworld to kill the Green Goblin, Magneto, Ultron and Red Skull and his army of clones of Hitlers. When Punisher was captured by the clones he was brought to the group and brought a body bag with Doc Ock inside. After Punisher punched Red Skull, each member retaliated with Magneto trying to kill Punisher for killing half his Brotherhood. He was shot in the head and killed by Chip who had been hiding in the body bag. In response Green Goblin tried to kill the Punisher with a Pumpkin Bomb but was shot in the chest multiple times, killing him. The Punisher then caught the bomb and shoved into Red Skulls mouth, exploding his head off, killing him. The Punisher then used the Red Skull's flaming skull to distract Ultron long enough for Chip to shut him dowm. Chip then took Ultron's memory files and pulled out the information on who had hired the Hand.

The Punsiher and Chip went to Avengers Planet, where the Avengers Federation stored there most valuable and dangerous acquired technology, so they could steal the Ultimate Nullifier and Jarvis arrived to stop him. Jarvis initially blocked and deflected every attack and severely beat the Punisher. The Punisher then attempted to blow up Jarvis with a RPG which he deflected it right back, in response Jarvis picked up Galactus' Helmet and was about to slam the Punisher with it so Punisher teleported Jarvis into deep space.

The Punisher then traveled to meet the Watchers and they destroyed Chip and the Punisher tried to activate the Ultimate Nullifier but they revealed it was a trick of control and the device did nothing. They then tried to trick the Punisher into thinking he was living his ideal life with his family but he saw through the trick and decided he had to kill them. His ship revealed Chip built a similar sonic device and enraged the Hulk from a long distance, which the Punisher used to bring the Hulk to Uatu and the Watchers to kill them all. After there deaths, he tried to escape in his ship but with the last of there powers the Watchers damaged it. The ship then began to break down around the Punisher seemingly killing him.[1]

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