Quote1 Don't think you got the message. War's over. We all lost. Quote2
-- Punisher src

Punisher showed up to help out the other heroes against the villains during the Battle of New York. He managed to kill Electro by shooting him in the head. Castle was then taken by surprise by Kraven the Hunter who stabbed him in the chest from behind.[1]

His shirt could be seen mounted in a display case in the Red Skull's trophy room but somehow Frank survived Kraven's attack and resumed his war. His crusade would put him against several foes and most notably Nuke.[2]

50 years later, after Logan killed most of the members of the Hulk Gang and as a result disrupted the balance of power in the Wastelands, the Punishers began terrorizing several towns, which were previously ruled by the Hulk Gang, by killing men and kidnapping children. An old Frank Castle angry about his legacy being tarnished by this gang but also due to the fact that the Punishers stole something that could help him with his failing memory, helped Logan to attack the Punishers stronghold in order to take them down and saved the kidnapped children.

During the fight with Panhead (the leader of the Punishers), Frank was fatally injured. After recovering his war journal that was stolen from him by the Punishers and seeing the picture of his family one last time, he died peacefully.[2]


Seemingly those of the Frank Castle of Earth-616.


Physical abilities greatly reduced and memory problems due to his advanced age.

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