Castle's family was killed six months back by Leland Owlsley. Castle saw the whole thing but by the time he'd caught up with Owlsley, someone else had killed him according to the defense, since Castle is being charged with Owlsley's murder. After 36 hours of interrogation, Castle confesses to the murder.[1]

At the prison, Matt Murdock, Frank's lawyer, was talking to him. Frank wouldn't talk about what made him confess. He added that there was a lot of Kingpin's men in the prison.[2]

William Watts, wanting badly to help Murdock with his case, visited Frank Castle, who told him that the confession was persuaded out of him by someone at the police station who wasn't even a police officer, someone from his past.[3]

The next day, Murdock was back in court. He had photos taken at the police station on the day Castle confessed. The photo of policeman Craig Erwich was not Erwich at all; it was Matthew Senreich, an indirect employee of Wilson Fisk. Murdock told the court perhaps they should call Fisk, who was at the back of the court, as a witness.

Some time later, as Murdock spoke to Frank Castle – who said how great it was he was about to be freed, four hitman stood on Murdock's balcony ready to strike.[4]

Following Fisk's murder of Murdock, Frank Castle actually committed a murder: Fisk's, sniping him from a high rooftop. He wondered who else deserved punishment.[5]


Seemingly those of Punisher of Earth-616.

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