Punisher was a resident of the Egyptia who was sent to the Shield for unknown reasons. On one of his many days working, he joined up with Iron Fist of the Domain of Apocalypse and discovered an Ultron Sentinel on the north side of the Shield. Curious about how that Ultron ended up there, the Punisher shot it, disabling it slightly, then went down from the Shield to investigate. Iron Fist was able to destroy the Ultron easily, which led the Punisher to believe it was modified. They decided to inspect a hole next to the Shield and discovered that the Mole Man of Technopolis had been modifying and using Ultrons to build his underground kingdom there. It was then that the Ultrons went rogue and started to attack them, but they were able to destroy them all. The Punisher allowed the Mole Man to go back to his kingdom, while he and Iron Fist returned to their post, watching over both sides of the Shield should something alike happen again.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Frank Castle of Earth-616.



Punisher's Suit


  • In comparison to his usual humanoid skull symbol, the Punisher of Egyptia has a more bird-like skull which is based on Khonshu, the Baron of Egyptia.

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