When the Punisher was hired by the Jackal to kill Spider-Man, he made a decoy Dr. Octopus and filled with thirty pounds of explosives. The explosion killed Spider-Man but when Punisher found out that Parker was a college boy and how he was used, he sought revenge.

In the days that follow, Punisher is pursued by most of New York's crime fighting community and has to spend most of his time in hiding. However, he is found by Spider-Man's enemies that throw a party in his honor. Punisher shoots and kills all of them. Later, during a newscast, Punisher hears Miles Warren speak and makes the connection.

Returning to the present, the police arrive to find that the Punisher is holding up Warren. They warn Punisher that if he kills Warren he'll be killed next. To this Punisher simply says, "See you on the other side Jackal".


Seemingly those of Frank Castle of Earth-616.

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