Frank was a student at the Hell's Kitchen School for Troubled Youth.

Nick Fury's Trial

When the Kingpin took over the Hell's Kitchen School for Troubled Youth, Frank who had a strong sense of justice, became his main enforcer after the Kingpin convinced him his intentions were good, and he just wanted to clear Hell's Kitchen of people causing trouble, being them heroes or villains.

In reality Frank was actually working with Nick Fury who accepted going to trial upon being accused by Kingpin, only because he was actually controlling the whole trial, and actually trying to uncover what the Kingpin, and the Hand hidden plans were. When they were able to uncover Kingpin's plan, and prove he was actually a criminal, Frank turned on him, and the Kingpin locked him up in a cell like he had done with other students.

He was later freed by Luke Cage, and helped everyone defeat Kingpin. He also joined the Avengers Academy.

As part of his deal with Fury, Frank would get a list of the top 10 most wanted villains from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s database. At the top of that list was Thanos, Frank not knowing the extent of Thanos powers, and preferring to work alone decided he didn't want help in his hunt, even though various students did offer him help. After refusing everyone's help Odin had a conversation with him, and was able to convince him to a team on his mission. Frank, and his team weren't able to find Thanos, but Nebula was able to find some of his henchmen, and extract some information from them.[1]


Seemingly those of the Frank Castle of Earth-616.


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