Not much is known about this world's Frank Castle, other than that as the Punisher, he is relentless and willing to use lethal force on criminals. It's assumed he lost his family similar to Frank Castle (Earth-616) or Frank Castle (Earth-92131). He first encountered Spider-Man while the web-slinger was trying to stop a cartel operation on the docks.

When the universe was destroyed, Frank died along with everyone else in Earth.[1]




Seemingly those of Frank Castle of Earth-616.

  • Since Adventures of Spider-Man continued on from Spider-Man Adventures, the book had to sanitize the Punisher for an all-ages audience similar to Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Therefore, none of the criminals Castle targeted in Adventures of Spider-Man #1 were killed. However, dialogue in the story (such Spider-Man saying to Castle, "I have the responsibility to stop you from murdering!") makes it clear that this Punisher was willing to kill, something the cartoon was only able to hint at.
  • Unlike Earth-92131's Frank Castle, Earth-TRN566's Castle is shown using regular guns.
  • Since Spider-Man Adventures/Adventures of Spider-Man went off in their own direction after the end of the first season's stories, and Punisher was not introduced on the show until the Season 2 episode "Enter the Punisher", the backstory and appearances of Frank Castle (Earth-92131) aren't applicable to Earth-TRN566's Frank Castle.

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