This Frank Castle's life seemingly mirrors that of the Frank Castle of the Prime Marvel Universe.[2][4]

During the heroes of Earth's last stand against Thanos, the Punisher was hit in the head by the debris of a building the Hulk was thrown into and died, his soul being subsequently sent to Hell. Willing to give anything in order to punish Thanos for slaughtering his planet, the Punisher signed a demonic deal with Mephisto and became the latest Ghost Rider. When he returned to Earth, however, Thanos was already gone and everything on the planet was dead. The Ghost Rider spent the next countless years alone, roaming endlessly and undying with no one to kill or love. After even Mephisto fell silent to his calls, he began to lose his mind.

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When a badly injured Galactus arrived on Earth seeking help against Thanos, unaware that the population of Earth had already been killed by him, the Ghost Rider offered the dead planet to him in exchange for the chance of punishing the Mad Titan as his herald; an offer that the Great Devourer accepted. Together they roamed the cosmos on a quest to halt Thanos' systematic annihilation of every living being in existence, which led them to become legends. Their story lasted centuries, but came to an end once they finally confronted Thanos, who beheaded Galactus as he approached to battle. The undying Rider was offered by Thanos the chance to see more evil than he could punish in a thousand lifetimes, and thus became his servant.[2]

At the behest of King Thanos, the Rider used the Time Stone to drag a younger Thanos to the future[3] so he could help his older self in winning the love of Death by killing the Fallen One, the one being who managed to elude him.[1] Unbeknownst to the Rider, King Thanos didn't need his younger self to kill the Fallen One; he needed him to kill himself in order to finally be by Death's side.[5] After the Fallen One used Mjolnir to smash the Rider to bits,[6] the time-displaced Thanos realized his older self's true motivations and went on to prevent this future from ever happening.[5]

Frank was retrieved from his dead timeline by a Odin of an alternate reality[4] and rewarded with Valhalla,[7] but he didn't fit in with the rest of its inhabitants. Seeing that Frank didn't want to be there, Odin returned his powers to him and offered to send him to any time and place he wanted. Frank chose to be sent back in the time to the day Thanos was born so he could kill him before he grew up to become a monster. Upon using his Penance Stare on baby Thanos, Frank realized he wasn't evil yet and decided to take him under his wing instead as to change his future.[4]

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Knowing Galactus was to devour Markus-Centauri at that point in time, Frank traveled to the planet to try and convince the Devourer of Worlds into helping him, but he refused to do so after accessing Frank's memories. With the Watcher bearing witness, an angry Frank vowed to raise Thanos on his own, consequently creating a timeline where Thanos grew up to become something worse. The Guardians of the Galaxy of said timeline tried to change their future to the best by killing Thanos, but Frank (and, later on, baby Thanos) killed them all. They were subsequently greeted by Thanos' future self, who sported the same clothes Frank used as the Punisher.[8]


Spirit of Vengeance: As the Ghost Rider, Castle has the following powers:

  • Hellfire Manipulation: Like all Ghost Riders, Castle is able to manipulate and project hellfire as well as to infuse objects and vehicles with it.[3] He has demonstrated the ability to unleash omnidirectional hellfire blasts that incinerate almost everything around him.[2]
  • Superhuman Stregnth[9]
  • Superhuman Durability[3]
  • Penance Stare[1]

Power Cosmic: Like all the other Heralds of Galactus before him, the Rider wields the Power Cosmic. The only power he has demonstrated so far is the ability to travel interstellar distances via his Hell Cycle.[3][2] Presumably, all of his physical capabilities have been enhanced; to what extent, though, hasn't been revealed.

  • Energy Projection: The Rider can fire devastating blasts of cosmic energy from his hands.[9]
  • Cosmic Penance Stare: By infusing his Penance Stare with the Power Cosmic, the Rider can incinerate any sinner he uses it against, regardless of whether or not said sinner feels any remorse.[9]


Seemingly those of the Punisher of the Prime Marvel Universe.[2]


Punisher's Suit[4]


Hell Cycle


A pair of firearms,[3] and chains forged from the bones of Cyttorak that are practically indestructible as not even someone as strong as Thanos could break them.[3]

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