Little is known about the history of the criminal known as Remnant, besides the fact that he was a personal foe of the hero Nighthawk, and the partner of the criminal Pinball.

When the premier super-team of their world, the Squadron Supreme implemented their Utopia Program, in which they took over the United States government and implemented measures including the behavioral modification of criminals, Remnant and Pinball were worried. Joining forces with the villainess the Mink, the criminals escaped to an alternate Earth, Earth-616, where they clashed with a hero of that world, Captain America and Nighthawk, who had also traveled there. Eventually, Captain America persuaded the villains and Nighthawk to join forces to overthrow the Squadron's program. The four returned to their own Earth and joined together as the first members of the insurrectionist group the Redeemers.

During the battle with the Squadron, Remnant was shocked at the bloodthirsty nature of his fellow Redeemer, Lamprey. When Lamprey drained Blue Eagle's wings of their power, Blue Eagle aimed his descent at Pinball, as Pinball's inflated suit was the only soft item below to land on. Panicking, Remnant flew to his aid, but he was too late. Blue Eagle collided with Pinball, and the impact killed them both. Remnant was distraught at the loss of his friend.

Frank Edwards was killed along with the other natives of Earth when this reality was destroyed.


Remnant has the power to control a magical piece of cloth of unknown origin. He could use this cloth to ensnare opponents, or as a whip under his control. He could also fly by riding upon a quantity of fabric he was levitating, as if it was a magic carpet.

Strength level

Remnant had the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engaged in little regular exercise.


Remnant carried grenades that could create smoke or flames when thrown.

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