Frank Ferrule was just a boy when his parents found an abandoned baby girl with a strange crescent shaped mark on her forehead on Birds' Nest Island. They adopted the girl and named here Dianna. Unknown to them at the time, Dianne was the princess of an atomic world known at Mita and that she was sent to Earth to protect her from the tyrant known as Togaro.

Years passed, and as adult, Frank and Dianne became friends with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. In the the spring of 1943, the quartet met up and spent time camping on Birds' Best Island. When Dianne's birthmark was exposed, Frank explained to his friends of her mysterious background.

That night, minions of Togaro, using growth drugs, grew to giant size and began terrorizing the region, prompting Steve and Barnes to go into action as Captain America and Bucky. While they were gone, Dianne went missing and soon Frank, Cap and Bucky went looking for her after being warned by Togaro to stay away from Bird Nests' Island. There they find a diminished Dianne along with her fellow Mitan Ailma. They were all told the truth regarding Dianne's background and of the danger posed from Togaro.

They then returned to Frank's cabin where Cap used Frank's chemistry set to create the size changing drugs needed to travel to Mita and save that world from the tyranny of Togaro. Frank accompanied Cap, Bucky, Ailma, and Dianne into travelling into the chunk of rock that had the world of Mita within it[1].

After escaping a torrent of acid dumped on the rock from the world above, Frank and the others escaped in a size changing craft piloted by Alt who brought them to Mita. On Mita, Ailma and Bucky were captured by Togaro, so Frank assisted Captain America in quelling the masses and helping them escape Mita after Togaro activated a device that sent their world hurtling into its own sun. However, their ship ended up crashing, and only Frank, Cap, and Dianne survived the crash. They soon rescued Bucky and Ailma from the clutches of Togaro and returned to the surface world. After Captain America slew Togaro there, Frank returned home with Dianne and Ailma[2].

His subsequent activities and fate are unknown.


Frank had access to size changing drugs that allowed him to shrink or grow in size.

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