Quote1.png Welcome to the Sweet Medicine Indian Reservation, where one hundred percent of the population lives below the poverty line, and the water has been poisoned. Wanna see anything else? Quote2.png
-- Frank Fireheart src


Frank Fireheart lived together with his cousin, Silas, and their grandmother at Sweet Medicine, a Eastern Keewazi Indian reservation which had fallen into poverty due to the contamination of their water spring, the reservation's main source of income.

The Firehearts welcomed Hawkeye and deputy Red Wolf when the former visited the reservation to see for himself its condition and try to find a way to help its people.[1] When Hawkeye and Red Wolf were captured by an armed militia while investigating the reservation, the Fireheart cousins caught notice of the confrontation, and subsequently followed the militia when they brought the heroes to a secret water pumping station at a previously unknown second water spring located in an alleged hazard zone.

The Firehearts charged against the militia and their hired goon Hydro-Man, and helped the heroes defeat them. Once the authorities arrived, it was determined that the toxic waste leak and the contaminated water at Sweet Medicine's spring were both part of a ruse orchestrated by Oasis Spring Water to draw attention from the second secret underground reservoir from where they were stealing.[2]

Secret Empire

After Steve Rogers revealed himself to be a Hydra sleeper agent and overthrew the United States of America to establish a Hydra Empire, Frank joined the Underground.[3]

  • Frank is pre-diabetic.[2]

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