Gaines was a Nazi spy who was active during World War II. By the fall of 1943 he worked as the host of a popular radio quiz show. He used it as a front to transmit secrets on the air through coded messages. To cover up his tracks he hired local writers to write scripts, but use his own scripts instead hoping the generous pay would keep the writers from talking and eliminating those who asked too many questions.

This operation was exposed when he took on Deadline Dawson as a writer for the show. When the show that Dawson wrote for aired, Deadline was upset that his actual script wasn't used and confronted Gaines in order to preserve his integrity as a writer. Gaines invited the young reporter into his car, and instead of explaining the situation, clubbed him over the head and tied the young man up in his home.

The following day when Dawson's friend, the boy detective Terry Vance listened to the radio show and found out the episode was written by a new writer, Terry learned that Deadline never returned the night before. Trailing Gaines, Terry followed him back to his house and freed Deadline. Returning to the radio station they learned Gaines plot. Before the two could report the situation Gaines held them at gunpoint.

However, as Gains explained his entire operation, he was unaware that Terry's pet monkey Dr. Watson turned on the microphone broadcasting his confession over the radio airwaves. Before he could eliminate Terry and Deadline the police arrived and arrested him.

Gaines subsequent fate is unknown.


Gaines was armed with a Luger.

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