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Before he was a reporter, he was drafted by the United States Army to fight in the Vietnam War. Back in 1968, while he still was stationed in Vietnam, he met Geoffrey Ballard, a CIA big-shot that was running secret operations in Vietnam.[1]

Following the war, he worked as a free-lance journalist for a bit. Gianelli was then hired by Carol Danvers at Woman Magazine after he offered his services as a reporter and photographer. Danvers immediately sent him to New Jersey, to cover a refinery fire, due to the fire department having female firefighters on their workforce.[2]

While he worked a night shift with associate editor Tracy Burke at Woman Magazine, he got assaulted by Geoffrey Ballard, who had just broking into Danvers' office, during their scuffle he recognized Ballard, but Ballard overcome him and quickly escaped the scene.[3] The next day, when he left his statement with Jean DeWolff, he omitted knowing the thief. Afterward, he told Danvers the truth about who Ballard was and how he knew him, knowing it would be a good story, he started digging for answers about Ballard and his shady activities.[1] However, when he returned a month later from Washington empty-handed, Danvers canceled his assignment.[4]

When he noticed how overworked and stressed his boss was, he and Burke organized a snowball fight to cheer her up. During the fight, Danvers and Gianelli shared a brief kiss.[4]

Gianelli later visited Danvers’s apartment, he informed her of the disappearance of Woman Magazine reporter Sharon Cole, she was covering the “New Mexico Murders” for Bugle.[5] A while later, he and his colleagues, threw a surprise party to boost Danvers' morale after she was laid off.[6]

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