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Early Life

Monstro was known as a mysterious man-mountain firefighter with a heart of gold...and a dark past.[3] He got his powers when he was thirty three, he had been married with a seven year old daughter when he was involved in an accident working at a cardboard manufacturing plant. After the accident he was unaware of his powers at first and soon discovered he couldn't control his strength which led him to accidentally collapse his home, killing his wife and daughter. The police didn't believe it was an accident and Monstro fled across the country, eventually becoming a firefighter until the attention his work brought him meant he couldn't hide, causing him to run again.[3][1]

After Civil War

After the Civil War, he was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative.[4] Frank also began working for Damage Control after leaving his firefighter job to continue making up for his sins and had to assume a false identity so his real one wouldn't be registered under the Superhuman Registration Act.[5]


Power Grid[6]
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  • Superhuman Strength
  • Invulnerability

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