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Frank Lavalle

Two generations ago, in the town of Bayville Louisiana, the eldest member of the Carreaux family jilted a young lover who was a practitioner of the black arts, learned from the Creoles. When the elder Carreaux married another woman, the jilted lover killed herself in front of the entire wedding party. In revenge, her brother killed the elder Carreaux and then drowned himself in the Bayou. Thus a legend and a family curse was born. That should the eldest of the Carreaux family were to marry, the dead Wizard and Witch would return from the dead and kill him on his wedding night.

By 1946, Philip Carreaux was to marry his sweetheart Marguerite. Unknown to them, the Carreaux butler Frank Lavalle secretly loved Marguerite and hated that she was going to marry Philip. Recalling the old Carreaux curse, Frank then attempted to get the wedding to stop as posing as the Wizard, while he got an unnamed female accomplice to help him in his plan. Close to the wedding date, Philip's brother Dale returned home from the military with his friends William Nasland and Fred Davis Jr. (who are secretly Captain America and Bucky in disguise), telling them of the family curse. Upon their arrival, Philip expressed his worry about the family curse as he had seen two horrible-looking people canoeing out in the swamp the night before.

The Witch

That night, Frank's accomplice dressed as the Witch and went out canoeing in the Bayou announcing that the eldest Carreaux would die on his wedding night. Hearing this Captain America and Bucky went into action. The pair spotted the Wizard and attempted to capture him, but he seemingly disappeared in Cap's grasp, escaping.

On the wedding night, just before Philip and Marguerite were to walk the isle, the party was disrupted by the sound of Marguerite's screams coming from the swamp. Rushing out, Captain America and Bucky went looking for her and found Philip dead with a knife in his back. Looking for the missing girl in the Bayou by canoe, Cap and Bucky were confronted by the Wizard who attacked them from another canoe. During the struggle Bucky was knocked overboard and Cap was forced to let the Wizard escape and using the killers knife to kill an alligator that threatened to attack his partner. Attacked by the Witch, Captain America and Bucky subdued her, but before she could talk she was shot dead. Cap unmasked her as a young woman just as Dale arrived with the freed Marguerite. When examining the clues, Cap noticed that the Wizard's footprints matched Frank Lavalle's shoes and easily subdued him. Captured, Frank confessed to the entire thing and his motivations behind the murder before being turned over to the authorities.

Frank Lavalle's unnamed accomplice.

His subsequent fate is unknown.



Both the Wizard and the Witch used knives.


The Wizard and the Witch travelled through the Bayou in a canoe.


How Frank Lavalle managed to de-materialize in Captain America's hands is unexplained, but it was likely some sort of optical trick as opposed to a super-human ability. He was unable to perform such a feat to escape capture when he was exposed.

Further, the identity and motivations of his female accomplice are unknown. It is possible that she was a descendant of the family which originally cursed the Crarreaux family.

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