Frank Oliver is a gang-boss, who takes advantage of the Kingpin's misfortunes to take over territory and rackets. The Kingpin targets the man, utilizing his corrupt policewoman lover Jean De Wolfe. Various heroes confront Oliver, leading to his arrest.[1]

Following his release from prison, Kangaroo paid a visit to a former partner of his, looking for his cut of their last deal together. Just as he prepares to kill the man, Oliver is defeated by the new Spider-Man.[2]

Power Grid[3]
Energy Projection1
Fighting Skills4


The Kangaroo is a brawny, savage, ruthless and formidable street fighter as well as a capable gang boss. He is shown to possess some degree of superhuman strength, demonstrated when he lifted a totaled car to kill the new Spider-Man with.


He relies more on brute force and intimidation than cunning and is often overconfident.

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