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Along the French-Swiss boarder in the small town of Blanc, Free French resistance fighter Frank Piraud and his men attempt to free their town from the Nazis and the martial law imposed by their commander Colonel von Bitters.

In order to try and stop Piraud's attacks on his men, von Bitters has his sister Ruth brought to him and forces her to write a letter to her brother to be delivered to his camp in the hills and then forces her to prepare a feast for his men. Von Bitters sends one of his men to deliver the message under the flag of truce, however the soldier is jumped by the Destroyer who steals his uniform and takes the note up to Piraud's camp.

Arriving at the resistance camp, the Destroyer reveals himself to them and delivers the letter. It is a distress from Ruth that the Nazis intend to wipe out their town and kill her if he does not surrender himself immediately. However, the Destroyer does not allow Frank to surrender himself as he has a plan as to how to defeat the Nazis as he overheard the Colonel mention that he was throwing a party that night.

Sneaking their way to Ruth's home, they knock on the back door and present themselves to Frank's sister. Then, the Destroyer, Frank and some of the resistance fighters pose as waiters for the party and deliver meals to Von Bitters and his men. They then take the Nazi soldiers by surprise by throwing the entrees at the Nazis and then gunning them down. Learning that Von Bitters is upstairs with Ruth, they rush up there. The Destroyer enters first, attacking Von Bitters, but allows Frank to knock the Nazi commander out.

The Destroyer then disguises himself as Colonel von Bitters and after rigging the resistance base with explosives orders the the Colonel's troops to attack it. While the Nazis are raiding the abandoned base, Frank sets off the explosives killing them all and allowing the resistance fighters to take back the village of Blanc.[1]


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