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NYPD Captain Frank Quaid was a successor of Jean DeWolff after her murder. Like his predecessor, Quaid became involved with Spider-Man at several crime-scenes, but didn't harbor Dewolff's hidden corruption. Also, Frank was among the police officers who were tipped by Moon Knight to arrest the Kingpin. Frank personally arrested the fallen crimelord.[1]

Working with Spider-Man

Quaid was later met by Kitty Pryde who requested he and his department's help in rescuing Spider-Man from the Shocker. After the Shocker was subdued by Spider-Man, Frank allowed the webslinger and Pryde leave without being arrested.[citation needed] In his growing confidence of Spider-Man, Frank eventually sought his help in finding and apprehending the illusionist Mysterio, who had been committing a series of bank robberies. Spider-Man, Quaid and his forces managed tracked down Mysterio at his hideout in Greenwich Village but they were underestimated by the illusionist who detonated his hideout and escaped.[citation needed] He was also one of several of the police officers to witness the Chameleon's masquerade as Spider-Man.[citation needed]

Post Death of Spider-Man

After Miles Morales became the new Spider-Man, Quaid confronted him shortly after defeating the Ringer. After failing to get information from Spider-Man, he tricked him into swinging away by ordering the police to unmask him.[2]

Marvel Universe

As a consequence of the reality-ending phenomena known as incursions, Frank's entire universe came to an end.[3] One of the few survivors of the universe was Miles Morales.[4] When he found himself in a world composed of the remnants of destroyed realities called Battleworld, he helped the omnipotent being that was keeping it together, the Molecule Man.[5]

As a repayment to Miles' help, when the Molecule Man's native reality, the Prime Marvel Universe, was brought back from its own destruction by Mister Fantastic, the Molecule Man transported Miles, his family, and his friends into it, doing so in such a way it was as if they had always lived their entire life there.[6] Frank was one of these people brought there.[7]


Throughout his appearances, Frank Quaid is often seen nonchalantly arguing down his fellow officers' mundane complaints concerning people of the Ultimate Marvel Universe, such as the Fantastic Four and the Kingpin.[citation needed]

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