Frankenstein seemingly had the same history as his Earth-616 counterpart. He served in Dracula's Howling Commandos.[1]

Secretly, Werewolf by Night lead the team in their plan to overthrow their baron, with Invisible Man snitching on Vlad to the Thor Corps.[2] Invisible Man was caught and the team was forced to fake his death.[1]

The team was then sent to escort Dracula's fiancee, Shiklah, while she spread the ashes of her brothers on the River Styx. Dracula also wanted them kill her.[1] Instead the Commandos and Shiklah joined forces to find the Sceptre of the Manticore to kill Vlad, with Jack relinquishing control of the team to her.[2]

The Commandos arrived in Weirdworld and made it to the Temple of the Manticore seventy-two hours later. Shortly thereafter, they found the Totem of the Manticore and returned to Monster Metropolis to find it under lock-down. Breaking into the underground city, the team discovered Dracula desiccating the inhabitants.[3]

Frankenstein's Monster (Earth-BW20D) from Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos Vol 1 4 002


A fight ensued between the citizens of Monster Metropolis and the Vampires. During the battle, Frankenstein was killed by a group of Vampires.[4]


Seemingly those of the Frankenstein of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Frankenstein of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Frankenstein of Earth-616.

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