Quote1 So...that's what it feels like...doing the dirty work yourself. How liberating. Quote2
-- Frankenstein's Monster src

Little is detailed about the life of Frankenstein's Monster before Dreadpool began murdering the inhabitants of the Ideaverse, however it can be presumed that it followed much the same path as the Monster from the novel, Frankenstein.

Dreadpool replaced the brain of Dr. Victor Frankenstein's experiment with that of his, allowing his dark, inner voice to have a corporeal body to help kill the residents of the Ideaverse. The Monster first took the life of its creator, by snapping his neck.

Dreadpool and the Monster went on to kill Beastfolk on the Island of Doctor Moreau in 1896, the residents of Lilliput in 1699, and the residents of Rome in 44 B.C. They then went to India in 1900 and allied with Shere Khan to kill Mowgli, Bagheera, and Baloo.

They then moved on to the Caribbean Sea in 1754 when they destroyed the Hispaniola and massacred its crew. Disguised as crew members, Dreadpool and the Monster were rescued by Captain Nemo and Captain Ahab and taken upon the Nautilus where they proceeded to murder the crew and pilot the Nautilus into the Strait of Messina in 1178 B.C., to kill Scylla and Charybdis. [1]

After killing the Greek myths, Dreadpool and the Monster arrived in Paris, 1627, where it began regressing into the 'original monster' from the novel Frankenstein. The duo faced off against the Three Musketeers before Sherlock Holmes' allies appeared. The Monster faced off against Beowulf, losing its right arm before being killed by Dr. Watson, allowing Dreadpool's inner voice to return to him.[2]

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