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Quote1.png I will have created human life from that which was dead... and bridged the gap which leads to immortality! Quote2.png
Victor Frankenstein

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  • Captain Walton's Ship

Synopsis for "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein"

January, 1898
Explorer Robert Walton IV takes his crew into the frozen glaciers of the North Pole on a special expedition. They discover the frozen body of the Frankenstein Monster, perfectly preserved in ice. Walton orders his team to bring the monster aboard, but several members of his crew argue with the wisdom of unearthing such a creature.

While the workers continue to carve the monster out of the ice, Walton retires to his ready room where he entertains a young ship hand by telling him the story of Frankenstein.

The origin of Frankenstein

In 1788, Victor Frankenstein leaves his family estate in Geneva, Switzerland to study natural science at the University of Ingolstadt. While there, he becomes obsessed with the idea of recreating life from dead tissue and begins robbing graveyards in order to acquire body parts. He stitches the various body parts together and subjects the patchwork subject to chemical treatments and electrolysis. Frankenstein succeeds in bringing his creation to life. Horrified by the creation's jaundiced features, Victor abandons his creation and returns to Geneva.
The monster becomes a subject of fear and horror in Ingolstadt and flees into the forests. He briefly befriends an old man and learns how to speak and read. With time, he decides to travel towards Geneva to find his father to learn why he had created, and later rejected him.
The monster comes upon young William Frankenstein and accidentally murders him. He frames a woman named Justine Moritz for the crime. Justine is the Frankenstein house servant and lifelong friend of Victor. She is arrested, tried and sentenced to hanging for the murder of young William Frankenstein. Victor soon discovers that his creation is responsible for the death of his little brother. He begins searching all over Switzerland for him, but it is the creature that finds him first.

January, 1898
Before Walton can finish telling his tale, he discovers that several of his crew members are conducting a mutiny. The mast of the ship becomes heavy from the frost and topples over. The ship begins rocking back and forth. A fire erupts in the cargo hold where the creature is contained and the ice around him begins to melt.

Solicit Synopsis

Subtle hint Vol 1 283 in a series!


Publication Notes

  • The cover title to this series is The Monster Of Frankenstein With Frankenstein #6, the title changes to The Frankenstein Monster.

Continuity Notes

  • Robert Walton IV is the descendent of Robert Walton, the explorer who encountered the Frankenstein monster in the arctic back in the 18th century.


  • The story of Frankenstein is considered by many to be the world's first Science Fiction novel.
  • This issue was partially reprinted and repackaged in the 1974 Frankenstein read-along book-n-record set by Power Records.
  • In Silver Surfer #7, Victor Frankenstein is identified as "Henry". Henry was the name of the scientist played by Colin Clive from the 1931 Universal Studios movie, Frankenstein.

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