Quote1 You can't hurt Ivan! Nothing can hurt Ivan! But Ivan can hurt -- and now Ivan will hurt you! Quote2
-- Ivan

Appearing in "The Last Frankenstein!"

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Synopsis for "The Last Frankenstein!"

The Frankenstein Monster caresses Carmen's dead body. Suddenly, Vincent Frankenstein, the self-proclaimed "last Frankenstein" enters the cave and surprises the monster. The monster spins around and attacks the man, seeking to take his vengeance on anyone bearing the name Frankenstein.

A Russian hunchback named Ivan who works for Vincent Frankenstein lunges to defend his master. He grips the monster in a brutal bear hug and manages to drive the creature down onto the floor of the cave. With the monster apparently subdued, Vincent Frankenstein goes over to examine him. The monster is only playing possum however, and he grabs Frankenstein by the throat, smashing him to the ground. He nearly kills him, but Ivan attacks and drives the creature out of the cave towards a cliff. The monster falls over the edge, but manages to grab onto the lip of the cliff. Frankenstein orders Ivan to help him up. The monster is no use to him dead, and he plans to continue his great uncle's scientific experiments. Ivan obeys and pulls the monster to safety.

Frankenstein calms the monster down, and tells him that he may be able to transplant his brain into a normal human body. The monster agrees to go with him back to England, but first they must bury Carmen.

All three arrive in London, and Frankenstein brings the creature into the basement laboratory of his home. He injects the monster with anesthetic, but the dose is too small to render the creature unconscious. The monster suddenly realizes that Frankenstein cares little for his actual welfare, and is just as willing to sacrifice the monster’s life in the name of science.

The monster rushes towards Vincent, but Ivan blocks his path once again. The Russian picks up the crate that was used to transport the monster to London and smashes it across his back. The injections finally begin to take effect and the monster falls over unconscious. Vincent Frankenstein orders Ivan to prepare him for surgery.

Appearing in "The Face in the Glass!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
World of Fantasy #12.

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  • Fuester
  • Johan
  • Thomas

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Synopsis for "The Face in the Glass!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
World of Fantasy #12.

A thief named Boris Hann runs through the streets of a small European village after a robbery. Seeking to evade the police, he takes shelter inside of Johan the Mirror Maker's shop. The police knock on Johan's door, but the craftsman doesn't realize that Boris has snuck into his house. After the police leave, Boris confronts the old man. Johan shows him a magic mirror that can instantly alter his appearance. He gives it to him in exchange for leaving him alone.

Boris takes the mirror and decides to use it as a means for committing more crimes. He has the mirror transform his image into that of a younger man, then breaks into the Furtwanger mansion. The police see Boris as he tries to escape and gives chase. Rushing back to his room, he collides with an elderly man and induces a heart attack.

He gets back to his room and uses the mirror to change his image to that of the old man. As the old man has since died however, the mirror works its magic only too well, as Boris takes on the form of the old man and falls to the floor in a death-like state.


  • First appearance of Ivan, Vincent's hunchbacked assistant.
  • Beginning with this issue, the cover price raises from 20 cents to 25 cents per copy.


  • This issue includes Marvel Value Stamp (Series A) #69, Marvel Girl.
  • In this issue, Frankenstein's laboratory is located in a London townhouse, but in issue #11, it is seen as a castle on a hill.

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