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Appearing in "And in the End -- !?"

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Other Characters:

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  • Sword
  • Gun

Synopsis for "And in the End -- !?"

Vincent Frankenstein straps the monster down to a laboratory table and prepares to operate on him. He tells Ivan that he plans to transplant his brain into the body of the monster. Ivan asks what will become of the monster’s brain, but quickly deduces that Frankenstein intends on killing him. Perceiving the monster as a "friend", Ivan refuses to allow Vincent to kill the creature. He grabs him by the throat and throws him down onto a worktable.

As Ivan lumbers after his prey, there is a knock on the laboratory door. It is Betty the maid. Betty calls out to Vincent, tells him that his wife, Lenore, is very ill, and that she needs his help. As Vincent is struggling to stay alive however, he is unable to answer the call, and tells Betty that he will check on Lenore later.

Vincent begs for mercy and manages to calm Ivan down. Ivan responds that Frankenstein always used him as a servant, and that he was not deserving of any mercy. However, because Ivan likes Lenore, he is willing to let Vincent live. Frankenstein races out of the room, and runs upstairs to his wife's bedchamber. He is too late however. Lenore is deathly ill and there is nothing he can do.

Meanwhile, Ivan takes out a knife and prepares to free the monster. The monster awakens and upon seeing the knife, perceives Ivan as a threat. He breaks free of his bonds and the two giants begin battling one another. Ivan pulls a sword down from the wall and raises it to strike the creature, but Vincent re-enters the chamber and shoots Ivan in the back. He could not risk losing his great uncle's creation. In Ivan's final moments, he begs the monster to avenge his death.

The Frankenstein Monster picks up the sword and swings it towards his hated enemy, but Vincent fires two shots directly into the monster's chest. The wounds are not fatal, but they are enough to greatly weaken him. As Vincent turns to leave, the monster hurls the swords towards him, but it misses, instead lodging itself into the door of the laboratory.

Vincent goes out into the hall where he finds Betty standing before him with a pistol. She reveals that Lenore has died. In Betty’s mind, Lenore likely would have survived had Vincent been more attentive. Passionately devoted to her mistress, Betty shoots Vincent Frankenstein in the chest, killing him. She never reveals that prior to her demise, Lenore gave birth to a son – the "Last Frankenstein".

The monster, having revived enough to get to his feet, wanders out of the castle. He regrets the fact that he was unable to kill Vincent Frankenstein personally.

Appearing in "The Mad Scientist"

Reprint of the 7th story from
World of Fantasy #11

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Doctor Mark Ferris (future version)
  • Mark Ferris' son (name unrevealed)

Other Characters:

  • Mrs. Gordon
  • Mr. Gordon

Races and Species:


Synopsis for "The Mad Scientist"

Reprint of the 7th story from
World of Fantasy #11

An old man enters the laboratory of scientist Dr. Mark Ferris carrying a young boy in his arms. The man is aware of Ferris' scientific acumen, specifically his research in suspended animation. He implores Dr. Ferris to use his techniques to cryogenically freeze the boy so that the illness that infects him can be examined and removed. Ferris refuses, citing that he has only experimented on animals, never human beings. Suspecting that the doctor would be difficult, the old man draws a gun and forces Ferris to perform the procedure.

The experiment works and Dr. Ferris is able to isolate the infection thus saving the boy's life. The old man reveals that he is actually Mark Ferris from thirty years in the future. He was unable to perform the work himself because a laboratory fire destroyed his notes over thirty years ago. The young boy is Ferris' son. The old man and his son leave to return to the future just as a fire breaks out in the laboratory.


  • First and final appearances of Lenore Frankenstein and Betty, the maid; Lenore dies in this issue.
  • Final appearances for Vincent Frankenstein and Ivan; both die in this issue.
  • First appearance of Basil Frankenstein. Basil is chronologically seen next as an adult in the 1940s in Invaders #31. He is referred to only as the "Last Frankenstein" in this issue. Future issues however show that this is actually a fallacy and that there are several descendents that carry the name Frankenstein.


  • The tagline for this issue is "Carnage at Castle Frankenstein!"
  • This issue includes Marvel Value Stamp (Series A) Vol 1 12, Daredevil.
  • Basil von Frankenstein is likely named after silver screen actor Basil Rathbone. Basil Rathbone played the role of Baron Wolf von Frankenstein in the 1939 Universal Pictures film, Son of Frankenstein.
  • In this issue, Vincent's laboratory is revealed to be inside of a castle, whereas in Frankenstein #10, it was in the basement of a London townhouse.

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