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Appearing in "Tactics of Death!"

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  • Gun

Synopsis for "Tactics of Death!"

Eric Prawn has taken the Monster and Ralph to his apartment to explain about his client, but they're ambushed there by Cardinal, agent of the International Crime Organizations Nexus, and his brutish enforcer, Zandor. I.C.O.N. wants the Monster to study so they can make their own army of monstrous reanimated corpses. A standoff at I.C.O.N.'s warehouse is broken when the Jigsaw Creature attacks to get revenge on the Monster. In the end, the Creature is killed, the warehouse burns down, and it's Prawn that gets to take the Monster and Ralph to his client at gunpoint.

Appearing in "The Shadow"

Reprint of the 3rd story from
Suspense #10

Synopsis for "The Shadow"

Reprint of the 3rd story from
Suspense #10

A magician's shadow is a separate entity from his body that he can control. When the audience is unimpressed with his act, he gets fired and sends his shadow after his ex-boss for revenge. The shadow is just about to choke him to death when the magician is hit by a car.


  • Final appearance of the Night-Creature; dies in this issue.


  • First issue of the series with Len Wein as Editor-in-Chief.

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