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Synopsis for "Code-Name: Berserker!"

Eric Prawn forces the Monster and Ralph to fly with him to the Swiss Alps chalet of the last descendant of Frankenstein. Having never met his client, Prawn is shocked to learn she's a woman, and further shocked to learn she's a scientist. Despite Cardinal's claim that she only wanted to destroy the Monster to remove that shame from her family's history, Veronica Frankenstein assures them that her path to atonement of her namesake lies through aiding the Monster, and she will start by restoring his ability to speak.

During the operation, Veronica's assistant betrays them to I.C.O.N., forcing Prawn to fend off a raid from their reanimant army. Cardinal soon sends in a collossal robot called Berserker to break through their defenses. The Monster recovers from his surgery just in time to fight Berserker, defeating it with a shock from a severed power cable. Afterwards, the Monster utters his first words since being frozen. He denies being a hero but asks who he is.


  • First appearance of Veronica von Frankenstein.

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