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Synopsis for "My Name is... Dracula--"

Continued from last issue....

Dracula has just been revived by Marguerita, and the vampire lord is furious over his previous defeat. Hungry for blood he attacks the Frankenstein Monster. The creatures strength proves superior to that of Dracula, and despite the additional help from Marguerita, neither can destroy the monster. As the battle rages, Carmen, Marguerita's granddaughter comes to the Monster's aid for saving her life previously. However, when she attempts to get involved Marguerita attacks her. During the struggle, Marguerita is impaled through the heart with a wooden stake by the Frankenstein Monster and disintegrates into a skeleton, much to Carmen's horror.

The Monster notices that Dracula has escaped and although he wants to destroy the vampire lord, Carmen tells the creature not to be so foolish and leads it out the cave. They return to the gypsy village where Carmen lives to find that it has been destroyed and everyone living there has been slain. Furious the Frankenstein Monster thirsts for revenge and storms off, when Carmen attempts to go after him, she trips and knocks herself out.

Meanwhile, Dracula attempts to find a meal, but finds that the nearby town has been forewarned of his revival and that they have lined most of the homes with garlic. When he finds an unguarded window he attempts to feast on a sleeping woman but is driven away when he finds that she has a crucifix on. Dracula finds the unconscious body of Carmen shortly thereafter and takes advantage of the situation and feeds upon her.

While elsewhere in a nearby town, the villagers rally a mob together to try and destroy both the Frankenstein Monster and Dracula. They don't have to go very far when the Frankenstein Monster arrives to get revenge on the villagers for slaying the people whom he befriended and attacks the villagers. Although they defend themselves, they find that they are no match for the superior strength of Victor Frankenstein's creation.

However, the battle is quickly ended when a shot fired creases the Monster's brow knocking it out and allowing the villagers to tie him up. They put him on a stake and prepare to light him on fire, hoping that the fire will destroy the Monster once and for all.

This story is continued next issue...

Appearing in "The Man Who Can't Be Stopped!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Mystical Tales #7.

Synopsis for "The Man Who Can't Be Stopped!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Mystical Tales #7.


A footnote in the second page of the story says that an "Esmerelda" resurrected Dracula by taking the stake from his heart in the previous issue. However, there was no-one with that name in the previous issue, and the person resurrecting Dracula was Marguerita - as she herself claimed only one panel before the footnote.

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