Quote1 I love a good death scene... Even if it's my own. Quote2
-- Frankie Noble src

Frankie Noble was a Hydra agent who guarded the Laure Brun Hotel & Casino in the French Riviera. She confronted Nick Fury Jr. when he infiltrated the casino in order to steal data from the penthouse of Auric Goodfellow.

After failing to stop him from escaping, she gave chase on a flying gunboat. She was defeated after Fury outmaneuvered her with his flying car and caused her to crash into a sea stack. Noble survived the impact and was found by Fury climbing to a rock. He refused to kill her, arguing there was nothing noble about killing her at the moment, and bid farewell.[1]

Agent Noble later carried out a mission for Hydra on the Moon. She followed Nick Fury, who was on a mission for S.H.I.E.L.D., and used his break-in on a Yakuza base as a distraction to steal a unique element.[2]

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