The girl that would become Nova was a human born on Earth.

When she was a teenager, one day an extremely powerful being named Galactus came to Earth to drain its energy. She met a being called the Silver Surfer, who healed her when she was injured by the cataclysms caused by Galactus. While trying to get her friend Amber and others to safety, Frankie inadvertently teleported herself to Galactus's ship. After Galactus banished the Silver Surfer as his herald, he inducted Frankie into his service, making her over into Nova.[1]


Frankie Raye had an instinctive ability to find anything she was searching for.[citation needed]

This ability was augmented by exposure to the Power Cosmic after the Silver Surfer healed her, allowing her to teleport to whatever she sought.

Galactus further augmented her abilities by transforming her into Nova. Frankie was now sustained by the Power Cosmic, which she could wield for flight, cosmic fire, or energy projections. Her "seeking" ability was used to locate living worlds for Galactus containing non-sentient life.[citation needed]

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