Franklin Edwards (Earth-616) from Weapons of Mutant Destruction Alpha Vol 1 1 001

As a human

Franklin Edwards was one of the numerous young people lured by Revered William Stryker into volunteering for the Weapon X Program, which turned them into killing cyborgs. Franklin was dispatched to the organization's Vat H sector, which focused on experimentation involving the Hulk's genetic samples.[1]

After being infused with gamma radiation, Edwards was provocated into Hulking-out to move to the phase of bonding Adamantium into his bones. He immediately broke out of his stasis vat, but died shortly afterwards when his flesh got ripped away from his skeleton after continuing growing in size due to the pain and anger he experienced.[2]

  • Unlike previous Weapon X subjects, Franklin didn't have his brain completely removed. Instead, they left his amygdala in place so he could feel pain and process into anger, and remain Hulked-out all the time.[2]

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